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Awesomefkparty you invited your cute neighbor over who is also your class mate. She thinks you're going to do homework. You just wanna fuck her. She is shy at first but agrees. She doesn't know a thing about sex and you are going to show her the ropes. She plays with her pussy for the first time, sucks your dick, and begins to fuck it. Although, she keeps saying she has to pee. You think this is normal since some girls feel like they have to pee when they are aroused. She keeps saying she has to pee over and over. Then without warning she bursts. She starts to cry and apologize that she can't hold it and pees. Her panties are all wet . She is super embarrassed. She keeps apologizing but then you admit that you have a secret pee fetish. Despite that she is still embarrassed and excuses herself to go home

Real name:
Age: 21
Birth Date: Nov. 9, 1995
From: Couple
Gender: male

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